Our Vision 2025

"To become the best Hungarian language school, remain young and vibrant by adapting to the constant change. Take the Hungarian language teaching and learning to the next level."

 Management Team    

  Gergő Berczi  

Director of Studies



Gergő is in charge of the academic performance and coordinates 30+ teachers. He has been with HLS since 2013 as a Hungarian teacher. Gergő studied Hungaristics and speech science. He has worked for various language schools and adult education centers. He completed a Master's degree in Hungarian studies as a foreign language.



Mátyás is in charge of the economic and academic performance of the school, he is also responsible for maintaining high-quality standards in our B2B and B2C relationships.  He completed a Master’s degree at Cass Business School London.



Gabriela is in charge of the business development of HLS, she is also responsible for our B2B partner network providing the support and assistance needed internationally and locally. Her strong background in international business gives her the specific know-how required to drive and support innovative projects with HLS. She completed a Master's degree at the University of Sussex.

Gabriela Linan

Business Development Manager


Dániel is responsible for managing HLS training programmes and enrolment of students. Graduated from the Budapest Business School with a degree in economics in tourism and catering. In 2013 Dániel oriented his career in the Education business and joined HLS.

  Mátyás Gansperger 

General Manager

Dániel Formanek

Office Manager



Krisztina has enjoyed a reputation for excellence in Hungarian teaching for 24 years. Krisztina is specialized in speech therapy and drama, she joined HLS in 2011.


Katalin is specialized in teaching Hungarian for Turkish and Chinese speakers. She joined HLS in 2018. She is in charge of our monthly conversational workshop.

Krisztina Főzy
Katalin Antal

Jutka holds a Master’s degree in Gender studies from Central European University. She has 10 years of Hungarian Language teaching.

Jutka Bekő

Réka has a reputation for excellence in Hungarian teaching for 30 years. She joined HLS in 1996.

Réka Gécs

  HLS through the years  



HLS opened its first center for Hungarian learning courses as a foreign language in Budapest.



HLS' first year-round school was located in Rippl-Ronai u. 4 1068, the current building of the Austrian National Tourist Office.



The first publication by HLS Professors included the official Hungarian Language Book "Magyar Iskola".



The language center moved to the new Bródy Campus.



The new logo is up and running. It conveys an image of creativity and youthfulness within Hungarian language education



HLS acquired the certification by the Hungarian Adults Education System making all its education programs accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee.