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SchoolDrive support

SchoolDrive is an institution management system, that allows institutions to function in an accurate, up-to-date way, with minimal administrative work. Besides teacher and administrator users, students will also be able to log in and follow their courses, their starting and finishing date, and what materials were used during the lessons.Students can manage the payments and invoices andcheck not only their previous courses but also the following levels they join in the future.

How can I register?


If you did not create a user profile during registration the website can be found on the following link: (You can change the language in the footer.) Please, choose the option Registration and Student (tanuló). Do not forget to provide the same email address you used previously during the process of online application, and you can set a password as well. If you need help, please write to us:

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Fill in the blank spaces, this will help the system connect your registration with your online application form, then please click on Registration. If you use a different email address please let us know, so we can link to your profile with the registration. One student profile can be tracked with multiple registrations specialized for parents.


Please note that the submitting your registration does not mean that you reach your profile automatically. The profile should be activated by the school. It takes maximum 1 working day.

How to use SchoolDrive?

In the Settings (Beállítások) you can change the language and add a new password.



If you click on the Courses option, you can see all your courses. If you click on a specific course, all the details can be seen: timetable, payment, and after the test, the results of your exams.


If you click on the lesson, you will be able to see, what the group covered that day, and you can also follow the number of absences you have.


Payment for the course from SchoolDrive by card (Apple Pay, Google Pay)

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