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SkillDict Tips and Hints

Main page

Upon logging in, you will encounter both active and inactive tiles. The active tiles signify that you can take the test at any time, with unlimited attempts. Conversely, the inactive tiles indicate that you do not have access to the corresponding exam before or after the designated date and time range for your specific exam. Refer to Picture 2 for an example of Main page and for instructions on selecting languages.

Picture 2

Practicing in SkillDict

Kindly select and click on any of the active tiles to proceed. Once you have clicked on an active tile, the subsequent page (as depicted in picture 3) will be displayed. To initiate the test, simply move your mouse to the test description and click once again. Ensure that pop-up windows in your browser are not blocked, as the test will open in a new window.

Picture 3

Introduction slides

Please be aware that all exams, whether they are practice tests or not, commence with the same introductory slides. It is important to read the information on this slide attentively.

How to use the framework

(Picture 4)

Information icon

In case you are unsure about what to do, please click on the information (i) icon located at the center of the toolbar at the bottom of the page. This icon serves as a helpful guide throughout the entire exam, allowing you to access instructions whenever needed by simply clicking on this button.


How to change font size

If the font size is not suitable, you can adjust it by clicking on the icon located in the top toolbar at the right corner:

Important note: small screens are not recommended since it is difficult to see all the elements of the task. Please try to use as big screens as possible.


In case you feel disoriented or unsure, you have the option to select the Help icon at any time:


This will provide you with instructional videos demonstrating how to navigate through the pages.

To move between pages effortlessly, utilize the “Previous” and “Next slide” buttons positioned at the bottom of the page (as shown in picture 4).

Picture 4

Keyboard layout settings

(Picture 5)

Another persistent slide (video help) is dedicated to setting up the keyboard layout. It is strongly recommended to switch your keyboard layout to Hungarian language in order to achieve the highest possible score. Additionally, you have the option to configure a virtual keyboard to visualize the current keyboard layout.

Windows OS: press Windows button + Ctrl + O

macOS: Option + Command + F5


Picture 5

How to navigate between exam slides?

(Picture 6)

The remaining time can be viewed in the top toolbar, specifically in the right corner. The 90-minute maximum time limit is divided into two sections, which may not always be of equal duration, for completion.

As you can observe, the icons (help, font size, etc.) remain accessible throughout the exam. At any point, you can modify the volume or switch to full screen mode by clicking on the respective icons found in the top toolbar on the right side of the page.

Please note that the instructions provided are in Hungarian. If you are uncertain about what to do, please click on the information (i) icon positioned at the center of the toolbar located at the bottom of the page (refer to picture 6).

If you wish to select another task, simply click on the "List" icon located at the center of the bottom toolbar. Upon clicking the List icon, a list will be displayed, allowing you to switch to any task of your choice. This icon proves to be especially useful if you have reached the end of the exam but would like to review your answers or if you have inadvertently left something unfilled and need to go back to complete it.

To proceed to the next question, click on the "Next Question" button.

Important note: Please be aware that utilizing the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between characters is supported only if you click in a field. If the cursor is not in the field, it will cause the system to switch to the previous or next slide instead. However, you can use the buttons of the mouse to navigate between characters without any difficulties.

Picture 6

Completing tasks and submitting first part

In each exam, you will find a “task” where you need to write your name. It must be filled out.

Please note that getting points for your name is just a technical solution in the system. It is not counted when the system calculates your final score. In the row of this “task”, you will find 0 (zero) point at the end of the test when the detailed evaluation is presented.

Important note: Kindly ensure that you do not leave any task blank, as the submit button will not be accessible at the end of the section. To make this section submittable (picture 7), it is necessary to include at least one character in each task (not each item). If you happen to miss a task or forget to add at least one character, you can navigate between the exercises using the "List" icon located at the bottom of the page in the toolbar.

Please ensure that (especially when copying and pasting) no additional, needless characters (dot, comma, space, etc.) are included in the field, as they may result in incorrect answers.

To proceed to evaluation, click on the "Forward to evaluation" button.

Picture 7

Evaluation of first section

Upon selecting "Forward to evaluation" button, your results will be displayed. By clicking on each row or task, you will be able to review your results, including both correct and incorrect answers, as well as access the solutions (as shown in picture 8). Once you are done with checking your result, please do not quit, since this is not the end of the exam.

To proceed to the essay part, you need to click on the "Next slide" button. If you wish to return to the first section and restart your test, you can do so by clicking on the "Previous slide" button, as long as the allotted time has not expired.

Picture 8


Once again, a timer will be present to display your remaining time. You can find it in the top toolbar, specifically in the right corner. To finish your test, simply click on the "Finish test" button (as depicted in picture 9).

Picture 9

Final slide and restating a practicing exam

By clicking the "Finish test" button, the final slide will appear. At this point, you can exit the exam and await the overall test result, which will be sent to you by your tutor.

If it was a practicing exam, you will have the opportunity to restart it after the allotted time has expired. To restart a practicing exam, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate your mouse to the blue toolbar.

  2. Locate the icon representing the learning process (as shown in picture 10).

Picture 10

By clicking "Learning process" button, a new page will appear. Find the refresh icon next to practice process (picture 11).

Picture 11

In a pop-up window (picture 12) you need to confirm that you want to restart it. By clicking “Yes” button, the introduction slide (picture 4) will be visible again.


Picture 12

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