Price for 32 lessons / 8 weeks
70,000 HUF/200 EUR
Weekend Course / Saturday

Starting dates for beginners

Our Saturday intensive  course is ideal for students that wish to improve their language skills whilst having a job or other main activity during the weekdays. We start this year by offering beginners level on Saturday, 8 weeks of intensive learning will help you to achieve an intermediate level.  Our intensive groups are usually smaller, in average 5 students per class.


The course is 1 days per week (Saturday) from 10:00- 13:30  or 14.00- 17.00   


Discounted Price: 70.000 HUF / 200 EUR per 11 weeks. Total fee: 80.000,- Ft. Discounts are valid if you register until the last Thursday before the course starts.



Applications can be submitted via online by email at  or in person during our office time.

Kindly visit our application section for detailed information.

Az Áfát a feltüntetett árak tartalmazzák. / VAT is included in the indicated price.

Hungarian Language School


Established in 1991. Our mission is to encourage Hungarian language development through immersion and to expand the horizons of our students and clients, to inspire their future.


Hungarian Language School

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