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 Test your Hungarian language skills for free 

 Follow the steps

  • Fill in the application form

  • Fill in the level test below

  • Please contact us via email at to request an appointment for a speaking test by phone

  • Start the course on any Monday

Non-beginners are able to join the following Monday after undertaking a written and oral test.

Year-round courses are available at HLS, meaning that every month you have the opportunity to start or continue your Hungarian studies.

The HLS Online placement test is necessary for establishing your linguistic level. 

There are 30 questions in A1 and A2 tests, you can find 20 questions in B1 and 20 questions in B2 tests. Before you start a test you should think about how many Hungarian lessons you took previously. You should answer every question. Points are not deducted for an incorrect answer however any unanswered question will be counted as an incorrect one. 

Test length is about 20-35 minutes (mostly depends on your skills) and the results are sent to the user’s email address as soon as the test is finished. Please note that a copy of the test results is NOT sent automatically to HLS.

If you have passed our placement test, you will need to undertake a speaking examination with one of our professors.

Speaking tests are available from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 and 14:00 via phone call.

Please contact us via email at to request an appointment.

Common European framework for reference for languages

A1 Beginners level courses  /120 or less Hungarian lessons taken/

A2 Elementary level courses /120 - 240  Hungarian lessons taken/

B1 Independent level course  /240 - 360  Hungarian lessons taken/

B2 Independent level course  /360 - 600  Hungarian lessons taken/


C1 Experienced level course /660 or more Hungarian lessons taken/

The academic material for C1 level is carefully selected by our team of experienced professors. With a specific focus on academic writing, news, debate, and articles.

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