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These General Terms and Conditions reflect the mode of operation of Magyar Iskola Kft. and the regulations applicable to our company. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, legal obligations between the students and the school are established, thereby ensuring the protection and respect of both parties' interests.


The Adult Education Contract is verbally established based on the 2013 Act LXXVII on Adult Education between Magyar Iskola Kft. (1101 Budapest, Kőbányai út 41./C., company registration number: 01 09 921566, tax number: 21559499-2-42, registration number: B/2020/000830) and the Trainee, and applies to all trainings organized by Magyar Iskola Kft.


The training institution (“Trainer”) enters an adult education contract regarding the training with the content detailed in this agreement. The Trainer undertakes to provide the below detailed language training  based on the pre-assessment of prior knowledge and the training needs of the participant.


Subject of the contract: Training conducted on a DECLARATION basis within a legal adult education relationship.


By filling out the application form and paying the course fee (no later than the Monday preceding the start of the course), the participant accepts the following terms:

1. Registration number: B/2020/000830


2. Training venue: 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor Street 11. / "in the online space"


3. Obligations of the Trainer:

   a) Ensures the  quality and effectiveness of the training, provides the necessary conditions for the implementation of the training;

   b) Determines the number of hours necessary to achieve the competencies obtainable through the training, based on the assessment of prior knowledge and training needs;

   c) Provides the necessary personal and material conditions for the training;

   d) In the event of force majeure, immediately informs the Trainee about any changes to the schedule;

   e) If a group lesson fails to take place due to the Trainer’s fault, the Trainer automatically reschedules the lesson to the end of the course according to the schedule;

   f) Fulfills its obligation to provide statistical data in accordance with the provisions of Act LXXVII of 2013;

   g) Provides the training detailed above in compliance with the laws regulating adult education;

   h) Informs the Participant about the scheduling of the training group divided into days, dates, and locations according to the number of hours and any possible changes;

   i) Notifies the Trainee about any changes related to the training verbally or in writing;


4. Obligations of the Trainee:

   a) Actively cooperates in the training and assessment, appears prepared for classes, collaborates with the teacher and classmates, and does not exceed the permitted absence;

   b) Accepts the scheduling of the training and appears punctually at the classes;

   c) Documents their attendance on the attendance sheet by signing it every time;

   d) Participates in the end-of-course tests;

   e) For private lessons, if the cancellation by the Trainee occurs within 24 hours, it is considered as a lesson held;

   f) Expressions of political views, party sympathies, and discriminatory manifestations based on race, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation are  incompatible with the values and norms represented by Magyar Iskola Kft., thus may lead to exclusion from the training.


5. Consequences of Breach of Contract:

   a) If the Trainee fails to fulfill their contractual obligations or disrupts the progress of group members, the Trainer institution may exclude the Trainee from the training;

   b) If the Trainee does not appear punctually at the beginning of a  given lesson, the Trainer is not obliged to ensure the Trainee's participation, whether it is a personal or online lesson. The Trainer is not responsible for damages resulting from the delay and cannot be obliged to refund money;

   c) If it is provable due to the negligence of the Trainer that the training does not start or  does not complete the training that has begun, or if it fails to fulfill all its contractual obligations, the Trainer is obliged to refund the portion of the training fee for which the training service is or was no longer provided.


6. Lesson Duration:

Each group lesson lasts 45 minutes.


7. Level Change:

If the trainer deems that the participant's existing knowledge significantly deviates, either positively or negatively, from the level of the training and hinders the development of other students in the training, they may initiate the transfer of the participant to another training. The participant is obliged to accept this transfer.


8. Monitoring and Evaluation:

The monitoring and evaluation of participant performance in classes are continuous: informal verbal and written assessments. At the end of each curriculum unit (module), there is a formal assessment with a centrally prepared set of tasks. The task set can be online or paper-based, depending on the type of course and the decision of the Magyar Iskola Kft. Online testing  happens on the SkillDict platform.


9. Documents Obtainable Upon Completion of the Course:

- "Proof of language level" - and/or

- "Certificate" - Issued by the training institution in the adult education reporting system (FAR) upon the explicit request of the participant, either electronically or on paper (the participant declares their preference separately). Full payment of the course fee and provision of personal information are necessary for  issuing the certificate. The training institution issues the certificate within 60 days following the completion of the course.

A certificate can be issued for each module if the institutionally organized end-of-course test is passed successfully with at least a 60% score. If a student does not achieve at least 60% on the final test of a given course, they may be required to repeat the level.


10. Absences:

The Trainer does not provide free make-up classes for absences. The permitted level of absence is 50%. Exceeding this may result in the participant attending individual make-up classes or catch-up consultations at their own expense, or otherwise, they may  get excluded from the course.


11. Complaint Handling:

In case of any complaints, participants can turn to their teacher or the institution's customer service, with a resolution period of 8 calendar days available to the provider. The steps for handling complaints are outlined in the internal complaint handling policy.


12. Payment Methods:

Payments can be made in cash, by card, or via bank transfer. Online card payments are processed through the Barion system. Card details are not shared with the merchant. Barion Payment Zrt. is supervised by the Hungarian National Bank, license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.


13. Additional Provisions of the Adult Education Act:

The adult education relationship is suspended based on the agreement of the parties. During suspension, neither party has rights or obligations arising from the adult education relationship. The adult education contract can be terminated by the participant. Restrictions or exclusions of the right to terminate are void. Immediate termination of the contract by either party is permissible if:

a) the participant becomes medically unfit to continue the course,

b) the participant fails to pay any outstanding fees despite being reminded by the Trainer, or

c) the participant has exceeded the absenteeism threshold defined in the course. Absence handling follows point 10.

Refunds of the course fee after the start of the course are only possible under justified circumstances and subject to individual consideration, in which case a non-refundable administrative fee of 20% is charged. No refund is available for missed classes.


14. Course Fees:

Current course fees are available on the school's website, including:

- assessment of previously acquired knowledge,

- assessment of training needs,

- educational counseling,

- organization of training,

- participation in classes,

- examination services,

- certificate,

- teaching materials (textbook and workbook - for in-person courses only).


 a) No additional fees (e.g., exam fee: 0 HUF, re-exam fee: 0 HUF) or costs are imposed on the Trainee beyond the course fee, nor is any scholarship provided.

 b) Magyar Iskola Kft. provides books only to those attending in-person courses who have paid the full course fee. In this case, the cost of the book is divided across several courses and included in the tuition fee. For new joiners not paying the full fee, the calculated price does not include books. The course fee for online courses does not include textbooks.


15. Data Management:

Trainees acknowledge that providing personal data is mandatory for participation in the course. If the Trainee fails to provide data, the Training Institution is obliged to refuse service. The Trainee's personal data specified in this contract, as well as other data specified in Article 21 (1) of Act LXXVII of 2013 on adult education, are managed by the Training Institution in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). Data management is performed electronically and/or on paper, manually. Data can be used for statistical purposes and shared in a non-personally identifiable form for statistical use. Data must be shared with authorities overseeing the use and application of national or EU funds. Magyar Iskola Kft. informs the Trainee that for online end-of-course tests, the Trainee's name and email address are shared with the testing system (SkillDict). Magyar Iskola Kft. fulfills its legal data reporting obligations and shares the Trainee's personal data (highest educational qualification, name, birth name, mother's name, country of birth, place of birth, date of birth, email address) with the Adult Education Data Management System (FAR). The Training Institution provides access to the Trainee's personal data only to those authorized to verify the implementation of the training. The Trainer keeps and manages the data from their creation until the last day of the eighth year, as required by law. Trainees have rights to information, correction, restriction, objection, complaint, and legal recourse. If GDPR or other laws create additional rights, these can also be exercised through the Training Institution's contact options. The Trainer has internal regulations on data management and protection (GDPR).


16. Matters not regulated by this contract are governed by the Civil Code. For any disputes, the parties designate the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the place of signing.


17. The applicant declares that the information provided is accurate and acknowledges that the language school's operator, as a data controller, processes their data in relation to the application, in accordance with current laws (GDPR, Info Act, Adult Education Act) and internal regulations. The applicant can request further information and exercise their rights through the data controller's contact details, and may also approach the authority and court. The application is valid only after the course fee has been paid. Magyar Iskola Kft. guarantees participation in the course only after payment.


18. Important Information:

 a) The participant accepts that the mode of the course can change from in-person to online at any time if the health situation requires it. Please note that changes can be made autonomously by the school, but groups can also request the change, requiring the consent of all participants. The initiation of groups requires a minimum number of participants, which varies by course type. Please consider this, especially if planning to travel around the start of the course, and consult the school via email in every case.


 b) The participant cannot claim any compensation, penalty payments, or interest in case a course  gets canceled due to insufficient numbers.


 c) Our school is committed to social responsibility. Magyar Iskola Kft. aims to reduce paper usage both during the application process and language classes. Therefore, most official documents (application form, level assessment, T&Cs, invoice, proof of language level, etc.) are accessible electronically.


 d) For administrative purposes, our school (Magyar Iskola Kft.) can provide a certificate of school attendance for prospective students.


Important Update: The new immigration law (Act XC of 2023) establishes new legal grounds, and the previous "Other purposes" category is no longer included. Therefore, this document can no longer be used to justify the purpose of stay.


The school can issue the certificate only if students complete our application form and pay the full course fee. The maximum duration is 3 modules (up to 6 months). Please note that course fees are non-refundable once the document is issued. If a student is unable to start the in-person course for any reason, the fee can be applied to our online courses. The student has one year to use the amount (start the course).


Budapest, 2024.05.28.

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