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Exclusive offer for individuals and small groups. We provide personalized one-on-one lessons tailored to your specific learning objectives, or if you prefer an individualized learning experience for optimal results.

Our private courses are conducted either at our school premises or virtually.
A minimum of 10 lessons is required, with potential extra discounts for purchasing additional lessons.

For more information and personalized pricing, please contact the school via email at

Private lessons are available from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Saturday, depending on our instructors' availability.

Your email requests for private lessons will be addressed within two business days.
Private lessons are primarily held at our school location, but online sessions are also an option.

Home schooling
Similing Team

Our Hungarian language programs are tailored for corporate clients and private partners, offering a comprehensive package that covers all necessary materials for the course duration. This includes activities and assessments at each module's end, culminating in certification for successful participants.


We provide online and face to face Hungarian Language Training led by certified professors. This initiative caters to both small and large groups, eliminating the need for a bridging language and offering customized training solutions.

This approach ensures a concise, efficient, and immersive learning journey, meeting diverse needs and settings in half the length of our previous detailed description, focusing on key aspects that make our program unique and valuable.


The Hungarian Language School provides expert translator and consecutive interpreting services.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Agriculture: This encompasses areas like animal husbandry, plant protection, biodiversity conservation, land stewardship, biotechnology advancements, and agricultural machinery.-

  • Energy Sector: Expertise covers both the generation and distribution facets.

  • Political and Government Affairs: This includes work with international bodies, political gatherings, visits and delegations, negotiation processes, etc.

  • Law Enforcement: Specializations in managing crime scenes, protecting witnesses, firearm regulations, survival tactics, combating smuggling, investigative methodologies, drug-related offenses, counter-terrorism efforts, and more.

  • Business and Finance: Services extend to corporate dealings, negotiation facilitation, contract discussions, and organizational visits.

  • Entertainment Industry: Providing live or virtual interpretation services, including for radio broadcasts.

  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Jargon: Covering areas like sustainable growth, policy formation, human rights advocacy, non-profit operations, democratic shifts, combating minority exclusion and gender bias, optimizing effectiveness, evaluating outcomes, and monitoring budgets.

  • Health and Pharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical research, clinical study conduct, meetings for researchers, and more.

This broad range of specialization ensures comprehensive translator and consecutive interpretation services across various sectors.

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