Study at a Hungarian University with Scholarship

The seminar named,

 “Studying at a Hungarian University with Scholarship:

Stipendium Hungaricum and Erasmus +


Was organised on July 29th, 2019. Our students and teachers were invited to participate in this useful event.


The conference aim was to provide hands-on information for the key universities and scholarship programmes for prospective international students who plan to study in Hungary.

By sharing knowledge and experience, the attendants can expand their view on how to enroll in university programs. The conference will be organized in a way that covers presentations dedicated to the scholarships for both Europeans and non-Europeans followed by a networking session with drinks.

Location: : Bródy Sándor u. 4, 1088  Budapest,









Mr. Franck Ruiz Lopez - Erasmus+ student at HLS

Ms. Urangoo Bulgamaa - Founder and Chief Executive of The Young Mongolia Initiative

Ms. Rita Fülöp - Programme officer for Stipendium Hungaricum at Tempus Public Foundation


Ms. Krisztina Winkler-Antal - Programme coordinator for Erasmus+ at Tempus Public Foundation

Registration is required for entrance.

Let me know if you have any questions:


Thanks to everyone for coming, and also thanks to our speaks and staff for their great job !

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