55,000 .-Huf/170 Eur
Price for 10 lessons

Private offer for individuals and small groups.
We offer customized individual lessons if you have specific training needs, or you just prefer to learn on your own with a maximum efficiency.
The private courses take place at the school building or at a private address.
The minimum number of lessons are 10, an extra discount may apply as you pay for more lessons.

Az Áfát a feltüntetett árak tartalmazzák. / VAT is included in the indicated price.

Hungarian Language School


Established in 1991. Our mission is to encourage Hungarian language development through immersion and to expand the horizons of our students and clients, to inspire their future.


Hungarian Language School

Bródy Sándor utca 4, 1088

Budapest, Hungary

Tel. (+361) 266-26-17




Monday - Thursday 10:00-15:00


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