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Starting dates:

September 12th, 2022 - A1.2 level

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Time: 10.30hrs – 14.00 hrs

Price for 4 weeks / 64 lessons
Face to Face:  106.000 ,- Ft / 263,- EUR 

 How to register 

Scope and goal: reach the A1 level in general German Language, as foreign language based on the six- level scale of competence established by the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). After completing the course, the student is going to be able to demonstrate that he/she can communicate in a very simple and correct manner. The student is going to be able to understand and utilise common expressions and basic sentences (e.g. family, introduction, work, surroundings, weather) and introduce himself/herself and others, e.g. where they live.


The course is 4 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from 10:30 am - 14:00 pm - a total of 8 lessons each week.


Course fee: 106.000 HUF / 263 EUR per 4 weeks. 

  • A1.1 covers the following topics (64 lessons): German Alphabet, introduction, countries,

    numbers, family, shopping, jobs, house, office, time, freetime, transport

  • A1.2 covers the following topics (64 lessons): directions, in the city, plans, hobbies, daily routine, schedules, health, clothes, weather, general appearance

The price includes the following;

- 64 lessons of German language training 

- All material during class

- Test at the end of each module

- Activity book "Menschen A 1 Kursbuch" 

- Workbook "Menschen A 1 Kursbuch" 

- Access to the SchoolDrive surface
- Notebook

- Certificate at the end of the course

- Administrations fees, enrollment certificate, invitation letter, etc.

The registration and payment deadline is the Monday before the starting date of the course. Registration becomes final as soon as the course fee is paid.



- Menschen Niveau A1, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Kursbuch, Hueber Verlag, Deutschland

ISBN 978-3-19-211901-9


- Menschen Niveau A1, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Arbeitsbuch mit CDs, Hueber Verlag, Deutschland

ISBN 978-3-19-111901-0


- Additional course material prepared and distributed by teacher


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