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Szia! My name is Franck and I am originally from France.

I  was a Project Assistant at the Hungarian Language School for the summer 2019. As an intern I could also participate at the super-intensive courses organised by the school.

As part of the summer programme I could visit several monuments and discover the Hungarian culture.

With the help of my colleagues and classmates, specially to Gabriela Linan and Héloïse Lachenal, I organized a conference about studying at a Hungarian University with Scholarship: Stipendium Hungaricum or Erasmus+ (you may see the pictures of this event below).

Our partners for this event was: Tempus Public Foundation, The Young Mongolia Initiativeand Education Europe Group.

It was successful and very interesting.

From cultural to educational aspects, I could understand more the country and I improved my adaptability to live abroad.

This page is dedicated to my experience in Budapest and to everything that I have done during these 2 months at the Hungarian Language School.​

What a beautiful experience !!!

Do not hesitate to contact me.


Welcome to the Hungarian Language School

Visit of Buda:
Visit of Pest:

During this activity, I could see:

- the castle

- the fisherman's bastion

- the Jewish memorial

During this activity, I could see:

- St Stephen's Basilica

- the ruins bar

- the Parliament

- the shoes on the Danube

Art History:
Gastro picnic:

During this activity, I could:

- learn more about Hungarian art

- learn how to do sketches

- learn how to paint correctly

During this activity, I could:

- visit a typical market

- learn more about Hungarian food and local production

- enjoy the picnic with the other students

Thermal Baths:
Art Nouveau bike tour:

During this activity, I could:

- discover the Kiraly bath (a typical bath)

- enjoy the different baths (hot, cold, sauna, jacuzzi)

During this activity, I could:

- ride a bike in Budapest

- have a look on various art nouveau buildings (Parisi Udvar)

- visit a local artist atelier


During this activity, I could see:

- a school of fine arts

- Heroe's square

- Andrassy utca

- Városliget

Wine tasting:

During this activity, I could:

- visit the 8th district

- discover the wine history

- taste the wine and some food

Walls of the city:

During this activity, I could:

- visit the synagogue

- see ruins bar

- take a lemonade break 



- Who was the first king in Hungary?

Saint Stephen

•Saint Matthias

•Saint Anne

- When Hungary was founded?




- What is money in Hungary?




- What natural resource was Hungary the primary producer of in Europe during the medieval age?

•Iron ore



 - What is the name of the bridge that was completed in 1849 and is considered one of the most famous sights in Budapest today?

•Oresund Bridge

Chain Bridge

•Chunnel Bridge

- Where was the first fire opened on the crowd?

•At the Parliament

At the building of the Hungarian Radio Corporation

•At the Corvin Quarter

- What is the symbol of Hungary (mythological Animal)?




- What do the 4 allegoric statues of the Millennium Monument at Heroes´Square symbolize?

•Homeland, Love, Faith, Morality

•Victory, Faith, Knowledge, Homeland

War, Peace, Labour and Wealth, Knowledge and Glory

- How many dead the Revolution have (approximately)?




- When do we celebrate Saint Stephen in Hungary?

In August

•In January

•In May


 - What is this?


Goulash soup

•Borsch soup

•Fish soup

 - What is this?



A chimney cake

•A cinnamon roll

 - What is this?


Esterhazy torta

•Dobos torta


- Try to find the recipe of the “FrÖccs”


Wine with soda

•I do not know

- What is this famous Hungarian dessert?



•Esterhazy torte

 - What is this?




•Esterhazy torte

- Where does the paprika comes from ?




- What is the “Pöttyös” ?

•Only a chocolate bar

A chocolate bar with a cottage cheese

•A chocolate bar with marshmallows

- What is this traditional cake?

•Chocolate cake


Walnut sponge cake

- What is the most famous beverage in Hungary?



•Apple juice


- What is this monument?



•Fisherman´s bastion

- Who lived in this castle?


•Erno Rubik

•Peter Falk

- Who is represented on this fountain?

Saint Matthias

•Saint Stephen

•Saint George

- What is this monument?

•A church

A basilica

•A synagogue

- What is this?

The castle

•The parliament

•Neither one of them

- What kind of people can pray in a synagogue ?

•Catholic people

Jewish people

•Orthodox people

- What is this bridge?

•Liberty bridge

•Margaret bridge

Chain bridge

- What is this monument?

Fisherman´s bastion

•Andrassy Avenue

•Heroes square

- Which thermal baths is it?

•Gellért thermal bath

•Rudas baths

Széchenyi bath

- What is it?

A funicular

•A train

•I don’t know


- How do you say ”Hello” in Hungarian?




- How do you say ”I am 20 years” in Hungarian?​

•Húsz éves  

Húsz éves vagyok

•Tíz éves vagyok

- Try to translate: I live in France

Franciaorszagban élek

•Franciaban élek

•Franciaorszag élsz

- How do you say “student” in Hungarian?




- How do you say “language” in Hungarian?




- What is a “Paradicsom”?




- How do you say ”wine” in Hungarian?




- How do you say ”How much is it ?” in Hungarian?

Mennyibe kerül?

•Hany ez?

•Hany éves vagy?

- How do you say ” I go to school” in Hungarian?

Iskolaba megyek

•Iskolaban Megyek

•Iskolaban vagyok

- How do you say ”to read a newspaper”?

Ujsagot olvasok

•Ujsag olvas

•Könyv olvasok

If you want to play to the quizzes, click on the links below :

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Most famous sentences

I would like to thank Gabriela Linan who has been a great supervisor. I was very lucky.

Erasmus+ student

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