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Consecutive Interpetation

Hungarian Language School offers professional consecutive interpretation for the following languages:








Main areas of specialization:

•Agriculture (livestock production, plant health, biodiversity, land management, biotechnology, agricultural equipment,  etc.)

•Energy Industry (production, distribution, etc.)

•Government related/politics (international organizations, political meetings, official delegations and visits, negotiations,  etc.)

•Law enforcement (crime scene management, witness protection, firearms, street survival, smuggling, investigation

techniques, drug6related crimes, fight against terrorism, etc.)

•Business and economics (business, negotiations, contracts, field trips, etc.)

•Entertainment (live or over6video interpretation, radio interpretation)

•NGO terminology (sustainable development, policymaking, human rights, not for profit, democratic transition, minority  exclusion, gender discrimination, efficiency maximizing, result evaluation, budget monitoring, etc.)

•Medical and pharmaceutical (AIDS, pharmaceutical drug investigation, clinical trials, investigator meetings, etc.)

For more information please contact Gabriela Linan at

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